Acmecoolant with more than 25 years of experience in the design, manufacture and sale of cryogenic in Europe, along with the development of sales agents established a sales office in Iran as a market that has high customer capacity. Acmecoolant collection efforts focus on detail, quality assurance in production, customer satisfaction through extensive service network.European IQ-NET ISO14001 certificate related to environmental activities, consistent with the commitment to development in the evolution of organizations (EFQM) from DQS Germany cited.

Customer satisfaction, respect of human resources, safety, business environment and accountability of long-term goals that are set.and company policies to meet these goals. Ensure that activities are compatible with the limitations and capabilities of the environmental and health, development and improvement of mutual relations between organizations and distributors, high quality products and attention to the consumer in accordance with national and international standards, safety culture and environment in which the development of cooperating and the responsibility.




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